European East Pass

Explore Eastern Europe by train with one great rail pass

  • Travel on the national rail networks of Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Slovakia
  • Freedom to take multiple train journeys per travel day
  • Issued as a paper document
  • Your choice of a 1st or 2nd class rail pass
  • Children under 4 free when sharing paying adults accommodation
  • Flexible: choose where you want to go, and when
  • Travel across borders quickly and easily

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The European East Pass is the most comprehensive pass to visit the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria and Hungary.

All four countries have a rich cultural and historical background. Discover Slovakia, the gateway to Eastern Europe and UNESCO World Heritage sites in the Czech Republic and Austria. Have a relaxing moment in one of the excellent thermal baths in Hungary.

The European East Pass allows you unlimited travel with the freedom to hit the tracks whenever and wherever you want! You can take as many trains as you like and there is no limit on the distance you can travel within a travel day. All of this at a fixed price.

Hop on and off trains at any time according to your desires and encounters. Just show up at the nearest train station and get ready to go and explore a new destination. (See ‘Things to know’ for more information about seat reservations).

The European East Pass is packed with bonuses to make your trip even more enjoyable. Hotel discounts, reduced museum fares and more are included in your pass.

Whether you are the adventurous traveller or the avid planner the European East Pass is your pass to freedom and the key to an unforgettable trip!


Как это работает?

Абонементы на поезд за 3 шага

1. Подберите подходящий абонемент на поезд

Подберите подходящий абонемент на поезд

Ж/д абонементы могут быть забронированы для поездок в одной конкретной стране или же вы можете выбрать одну из нескольких предварительно выбранных комбинаций страны/региона. Планируете много поездок? Попробуйте абонемент Eurail Global Pass с поездками в 31 страну, включая Великобританию.
Цена вашего абонемента будет зависеть от выбранного класса обслуживания, вида пассажира и количества дней в пути.

Воспользуйтесь нашим поиском абонементов

2. Забронируйте места

Забронируйте места

Taking local and regional trains allows you to explore at will. Simply board with your rail pass and choose any open seat. Reservations are required on most high speed, overnight, scenic, and international trains. With the European East Pass you may travel on SuperCity, EuroCity, and InterCity trains which require additional seat reservations. We recommend always checking your desired journey for any specific seat reservation requirements.

Бронирование места

3. Активируйте и отправляйтесь в путь

Активируйте и отправляйтесь в путь

Ваш абонемент на поезд требует активации путем проставления штампа в билетной кассе на станции отправления в день первой поездки. После активации вы сможете использовать абонемент для поездок.

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Unable to book a return reservation from vienna to prague and back with my european east pass I am unable to book a return reservation with my European East Pass from Vienna to Prague and back. The message I receive is "The fares you requested are not available with the selected rail pass. Please select a regular fare and proceed to the (...)

Nikhil K. | 2017/06/10 answered | 0 Комментарии
Rail passes to eastern europe I'm going to spend 2 weeks with 2 friends travelling around Hungary, Australia, Czech and Slovakia. There should be 7 days travel by rail. Please advise which is the best pass to purchase? 1. Budapest-Graz 2. Graz-Vienna 3. Vienna-Ceske (...)

ROSANNA L. | 2016/04/01 answered | 2 Комментарии
How to use european east pass (5 days in a month) Hi I would like to clarify further if my understanding is right and if this is a correct pass for my route and whether all journeys below are covered under my European East Pass. 1) Pass Day 1 - Vienna to Bratislava, Bratislava to Vienna (same (...)

Wei M. | 2016/01/15 answered | 2 Комментарии
Budapest to vienna. using european east railpass. pass does not exist in rail europe website. Hi there I am having trouble sorting out how to utilise my Euro Eastern railpass that I purchased in New Zealand in Sept. Issued 16 Sep 2015. I am in Budapest and want to travel to Vienna by ÖBB railjet (with a friend who is just going to buy (...)

Samuel K. | 2015/10/20 answered | 0 Комментарии
Difficulty in reserving seat tickets with european east pass Dear sirs, Recently I had bought two European East Pass for travel preparation to Austria and Slovakia in late Sep 2015. While I start to reserve seats for the trip online, I found that the system cannot locate available trains to me and it (...)

SIU K. | 2015/08/03 answered | 3 Комментарии

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